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From the Middle Passage:
An American Journey

Two African-American hands joined together clasped, representing Black unity.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Price: Free


1 Center Street
Newark, NJ 07012


Event Description

Experience a profound journey through "From the Middle Passage, An American Journey," an evocative presentation commemorating Juneteenth. 

Dive into a blend of original and covered music, dance, narratives, and powerful imagery depicting the harrowing voyage known as the Middle Passage, a grim chapter in the transatlantic slave trade. 

This 60 or 90-minute experience by Rev. Stef and Jubilation delves into the depths of human endurance and resilience, set against the backdrop of one of history's darkest periods.

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated on June 19th each year to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is celebrated with various community events throughout New Jersey, including business expos festivities honoring African-American culture and history. NJ legislation declares the third Friday in June as a paid state holiday, while a federal proclamation deems June 19 as a federal holiday.

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