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New Jersey Vegan
Food Festival

Mac and cheese on plate from New Jersey food vendor.

Event Description

The New Jersey Vegan Food Festival is a two-day celebration that features yummy vegan and plant-based meals from local chefs, as well as vegan products, plant-based fashion, live music and good times. All are welcome!

Featuring over 80+ vendors!

Kids 13 and under are free.

The event also features discussions from:

Speaking Up for Animals 12pm 

  • Doris Lin, Esq., Attorney and Legal Director for the Animal Protection League of New Jersey

Vegan Entrepreneur Panel 1:15pm

  • Tiffany Gordon, Chef & Founder of Secret Vegan Kitchen
  • Chef Q of How Delish HD
  • Yesnia Ramdass, Founder, Owner and Executive chef of HAAM Caribbean Plant Cuisine

Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Panel 3:45pm

  • Andy Tabar, Owner of Compassion Co
  • Rebecca Heykes, Founder of Loyal Footwear
  • Amy Muermann, Owner and Designer at aymcollections

NJ Vegans Rock

NJ Vegans are reducing the negative impact of animal products by consuming plant-based foods and products. NJ Vegans also receive many health benefits, such as reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. While eating vegan is typically more expensive, the community and long-term health benefits make it worth it.

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