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Women's Day: Transformed

Female presenter speaking to New Jersey event audience.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Price: $30

Grove Street Banquet Hall

738 Grove Street
Irvington, NJ 07111

New Jersey Women's Ministry

Event Description

Explore the limitless possibilities and strategies to overcome obstacles that women face in today's world.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Mrs. Patrique Smellie is an immigrant from Jamaica, who grew up in New York City and Baltimore, Maryland, where she eventually attended Johns Hopkins University.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994, and later moved to Syracuse, New York, to pursue her dream of completing a law degree at Syracuse University. 

After becoming an attorney, she met disciples of Christ, started studying the Bible and felt called to the full-time ministry.

In 2006, Smellie was appointed the Women's Ministry Leader of the Syracuse church alongside her husband, the Evangelist, and they have led several churches in different states and countries since then.

During her 17 years in the full-time ministry, she has had the opportunity to impact thousands of women around the globe speaking at conferences in over 10 countries.

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